Where Do You Go For Really Good Coffee…

Where Do You Go For Really Good Coffee…

I came across a blog today that I thought was cool – written by a guy raised in Southern California.

He’s asking people where they get really good coffee in Japan…Where Do You Go For Your Cup Of Jo? (Sorry had to remove this link – original reference blog no longer exists)Moreover, having lived in the Pacific Northwest in the US for 8 years before coming to Japan, I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob so I figured, before coming here, that I’d have to learn to live without really good coffee. …

Being raised in northern California, having my first cup of Peets at age 14, then living 9 years in Montana and 15 in Seattle (where I got in to the business of really good coffee); thought there might be some similarities in our appreciation of coffee.

Kinda weird seeing a picture of a great bigStarbucks in Japanthat he describes as possibly the busiest Starbucks location in the world.

And here’s a site that provides all the supplies, instructions and table top equipment needed for roasting small batches of your own really good coffee…

Roast your own coffee at home

Nice idea. This is a neat site. I’m kind of spoiled by the rich flavor of dark roast Melita drip or pungently luscious freshly extracted doppios. Personally I prefer the complexity and flavor profiles of drum roasted blends in small batches.And one of the thing I really like about home roasted coffee is how fresh it is.And this blog shows a map and the picture of a storefront of The Coffee Plant to get really good coffee…

Funny thing is they don’t give an address:Let’s assume it’s great coffee, try really good coffee at Coffee Plant if you can find it.

If you’re in the Portland area, head out to:

Longbottom Coffee in Hillsboro for my very favorite – really smooth – air roasted coffees .You can also check out Michael Baccellieri’s blog here The Coffee Mariner

In Seattle… be sure to find this little place on the south end of Phinney Ridge not to far up the hill from the Fremont district…

Great doppios and excellent roasted – on site – espresso and lattes…Lighthouse Roasters

If you have other suggestions – for great coffee haunts in your town, let us know and we’ll stop in and check them out when we’re in your neck of the woods.That’s it for today.Where Do You Go for Really Good Coffee?

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  • billywest says:


    thanks for linking up my Japan coffee post.

    I see that you recommend Longbottom in Portland. To be honest, in the 8 years I lived in Portland, I don’t think I’ve tried it (but, would like to). In Portland, I usually hit Coffee People. Their extra-large Black Tiger Mocha (4 espresso shots) put me to the moon. I used to knock one down before my calculus exams and would always finish first, with an “A” score.

    Anyway, there’s a place here in Tokyo called Jiyugaoka that has some of the best coffee and sweets (cakes and pastries) shops in the world. Hope you can make it someday.


    Billy West

  • I go to Big E’s in Sarasota. I do like his coffee, but he also makes good tea. Big E’s is my favorite place for lunch with my friends too because I meet everyone there and after many years I am very relaxed. Eric is a generous and thoughtful guy who helps a lot of people in the neighborhood.

  • michael barrett says:

    Thanks for the comment Susanne…

    Nice to hear from you. Michael

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