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Really good coffee fast – Starbucks The first time I ever saw a Starbucks label in the mid 90’s I was intrigued.  I was on the road driving to Florida with my daughter and I wanted coffee but not hot coffee.  I stopped into a convenient store somewhere on the east coast-maybe North Carolina and there was a Starbucks Frappuccino.   Honestly, I didn’t know what a  Frappuccino was but I did know what a cappuccino was and I love cappuccino so I bought it.  Thus began my passion for Starbucks.My first impression when I saw the Starbucks label and drank my first Frappuccino, was that this company was going to soar.  I immediately began to look for Starbucks.  I didn’t always find it and I remember being dissappointed.When the first Starbucks opened in Manhattan sometime in the early to mid nineties I was elated. I was working in Manhattan and hated convenient store coffee and I was not about to carry a thermos to work with me even though I was drinking Gevalia coffee at home and really liked it.  Starbucks fast became my favorite whenever I could get it.Of course, I knew nothing about Pike Place Market in Seattle or the fact that Alfred Peet had begun a roasting operation in California.  I had no idea what was happening in the world of coffee which was exploding on the west coast.  All I knew was what tasted good to me and that I wanted more Starbucks.  I had no idea what was coming….Now a lot of people out there who know really good coffee; they know good beans, they know stale, they know the crema and the finer elements of a primo cup of espresso; some of those people say Starbucks is not what it was and that it is becoming the McDonalds of coffeehouses.   That may all be true.  But, depending on your scale of comparison, I’d say that Starbucks is still the best cup of coffee, latte, espresso or cold blended coffees you can find anywhere in a hurry on the highway or almost anywhere you go.  When I see a Starbucks sign, I know I am getting a good tasting latte and that if I don’t like it they will make me another or use a different coffee to make me happy.  I know that.Since my first Frappuccino in the mid 90’s I have become much more of a coffee connoiseur and I have made a point of looking for and drinking the best coffee I can find in my travels across America.  Frequently, without fail, when there is nothing else but convenient store or diner coffee around, there is a huge green star and Starbucks is welcoming me for a break from driving, a clean and comfortable place to relax and refresh, and a feeling of home no matter what state I am in.  I love that, and further more, I count on that.It didn’t take long for me to replace Frappuccino’s with Starbucks Doubleshots.  The Doubleshots in the can were convenient for traveling with and I could pack half a dozen cans to take with me in the days when Starbucks locations were harder to come by. I still like to have a supply for traveling. First thing in the morning in a strange city where I haven’t yet had time to look around the Doubleshot takes care of my coffee needs.  I just don’t drink hotel coffee anymore unless it is Starbucks. Most of the time I really do prefer it hot.Since the nineties I have come to enjoy French Roast, Kona, and Kenya coffee beans.  I like it fresh ground and fresh period. I like my coffee strong but not bitter.  Personally,I prefer latte because it is easier on my stomach than black or espresso.  My guy loves a Dopio or Americano and after all he was a barista and  he says he can’t really enjoy the finer flavors of the crema when he adds cream.The Starbucks EnvironmentIn my opinion Starbucks has raised the standard for coffee houses and coffee stores in America in all ways.  Since Starbucks came on the scene I have become very spoiled.  When I walk into a Starbucks I expect to find beautiful leather chairs and wood tables and cozy little tables for two or three with coffee art from around the world and beautiful ceramic coffee cups along with other supplies for the at home barista.When I walk into the occasional-very occasional- Starbucks which is worn and not so clean and inviting; it feels strange and weird and wrong to me. I notice it  immediately and wonder what is wrong that this should have occurred. In other words, it is completely out of the norm.   That is when I find myself wanting to travel the country for Starbucks making sure that the standard they have established is maintained in all their stores.That folks, is what happens when you set the standard.  People get it and they expect it.  Nationally, there is no doubt that Starbucks did create a standard for coffee stores that taught us what we could have and expect.  Even though others have followed that model really well and in some cases even outdone it, Starbucks does it largely and consistently. They make it look easy but it isn’t.Starbucks Commitment to ExcellenceAnother aspect of Starbucks that makes them a leader in American business and in the coffee specialty business is their customer service. I am actually a customer service corporate trainer and I specifically pay attention to customer service when I travel.  After having been in hundreds of Starbucks stores I can honestly say they have consistently the best customer service of any large retail chain of any kind that Ihave ever been in. And no, I did not do their customer service training. They do it extremely well.Starbucks employees are clearly well trained to make customers priority one.  They consistently greet and smile and welcome their customers in a way that feels authentic and good to the customer rushing through the door in their busy morning, afternoon, or evening.  Only a couple of times-out of hundreds-have I ever found Starbucks employees too busy gossiping to really pay attention to me and my order in the usual manner.  That is such rare behavior that I even remember the store.   Starbucks employees are exceptionally well trained and I believe that they genuinely love their work.  You can’t fake that kind of authenticity 99% of the time.Starbucks is one of the top 100 corporations in America to work for out of hundreds of thousands.  That is no accident.  It takes a strong commitment to excellence to be in the top 100 companies in American business to work for. I don’t know about you but that impresses me.As you can see my enthusiasm for Starbucks and what they have created across the country is unwavering.  As a road warrior, I expect to stop at a Starbucks and be able to count on relaxing in a comfortable, homey chair, with great tunes playing in a clean environment and to enjoy a great cup of really good coffee or in my case a delicious latte breveThat is how I relax on the road. Like most road warriors, I am always glad to see a Starbucks sign wherever I go, to get Really Good Coffee Fast – Starbucks!

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