We think the AeroPress coffee maker is such a good idea, we created a kit.

Here is a video that the AeroPress people created to show how simple their coffee maker is and how well it performs. What a cool system and it’s cheap. How else can you make really awesome coffee with equipment that costs less than $50?

For three and a half years in the espresso business spending money on equipment was a necessity. Grinder motors burn out during the middle of the morning rush and it costs $~400 to fix the grinder – plus the money you lost because the equipment was down.

So it seems that the guys who created this system are pretty darn sharp and it really makes a lot of sense as a product. Watch the video it’s only a couple of minutes long.

What People Are Saying About the AeroPress
People who use the system love it. And if you love really good coffee, you probably should have one of these. 879 people out of 1122 reviews gave it a 5 star rating and 146 people gave it a 4 star rating (out of a possible five). Those are pretty good numbers from coffee freaks if you ask me.

You also need your own grinder so you can grind each cup fresh from whole beans. There are two grinders listed in the store below and we actually have one of the Hamilton Beach units that sells for $12.75. We’ve had it for a year.

As far as heating water goes, those counter top electric units are nice to have because you don’t have to put up with whistling tea pots or forgetting to turn the burner off and leaving the house. They are efficient, simple, fast and they shut off automatically after a while if you get busy and forget.

Any way, you can create really good coffee and it’s fast, consistent and inexpensive. From my taste bud perspective nothing beats a freshly extracted espresso made with a hearty dark roast, freshly roasted Arabica beans and ground fresh per serving.

However, this is a good practical alternative for the coffee enthusiast that will work equally well for a student, a stay at home mom or a techie.

Enjoy and let us know what you think…

I AM Michael Barrett and I love really good coffee.