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Around the world baristas are pouring cup after cup of latte as they practice the art of latte art techniques.

Really Good Coffee co-author Alexandra, has been using the some videos she found in an attempt to surprise her (former barista) partner with the perfect and beautifully artistic latte.  I think you will actually enjoy some of these videos if you are a latte lover and especially if you have an espresso with steam machine at home. 

I think it would be a great idea to create your own video and show us your technique.  Of course after one such session I did end up staying up all night with caffeine jitters and a "wired" brain but I got a lot done and it was fun for this boomer gal who doesn’t normally stay up all night (anymore ;-)).  Yep, those days are pretty much over, but I really did have fun and I got a lot of writing done too when I couldn’t drink anymore latte.  LOL!!

Here are some of the great videos I found at YouTube!


Chasing Hearts Alfredo
Zebra Alfredo



Heart Alfredo

Hopefully, with VALENTINES DAY coming up you can create a beautiful heart full of latte love for your sweetie. 

Have fun and maybe this actually would be a great time to stay up all night!!!   How romantically immature…;-)

Last but not least is this one


Melting Heart Latte Art

Another really outrageous romantic idea, if you’d like to do something latte related that costs a bit more than a homemade latte heart, you could buy tickets for two and fly your "Angelove" to Australia for the Gourmet Coffee Institutes Barista Latte Art Workshop.   Now we’re talking Lover!


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