How to Make Really Good Coffee in the AeroPress

Here is a video with Chase Reeves demonstrating how to make really good coffee with the AeroPress. This is a pretty good video and it’s informative. Complements to Chase. I have heard about the Aeropress before but never used one myself. Discussion follows the video.

After seeing this video, I am definitely going to get an Aeropress and try it out.

In another post we discussed using a French Press for flavor and for creating a rich, full body cup of coffee. French Press is delicious.The drawback of the French Press method is that the coffee tends to be high in caffeine because the “brewing time” is about 4 minutes.

The Aeropress seems to have the advantage of almost a manual version of a pressure extraction, similar to espresso extraction without the boiler pressure. From looking at this video and extraction method my guess is that both the flavor will be excellent and there will be significantly less caffeine than the French Press because the water is exposed to the beans for less than a minute as demonstrated in the video. Seems like a really good solution.

So it seems – from my vantage point – that the flavor will be kind of a cross between French Press and espresso because it is both “pressed” with the plunger and “extracted” with air pressure. My guess is that if you are using freshly ground arabica beans, this will produce really good coffee.

AeroPress Kit

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker Kit


Get Your Own AeroPress

Want to know more? Check out the info and what 1100 + people are saying about the AeroPress and another short video : More cool stuff about the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.

Free PDF from AeroPress

Here is a free pdf download link from Aeropress:  Getting the Most from Your AEROPRESS™ Coffee and Espresso Maker  The instructions are very clean and simple.

This video and discussion are stimulating my tastebud-curiosity. Looking forward to trying this method and we’ll report back when we have tried it.

Have a great day and enjoy some really good coffee.

I Am Michael Barrett and I Love Really Good Coffee

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