For Really Good Coffee In Seattle – Have You Tried Lighthouse?

Did you try Lighthouse Roasters while in Seattle for Really Good Coffee because if not you better go back to Seattle ASAP!

My partner, in this coffee lovers romance, has his own tale to tell about Lighthouse Roasters in Seattle but I am getting the jump on him and telling you mine first.  It’s one of those love affair stories that one tells over and over for the sheer satisfaction of the memory.

It’s like this; we pulled into Seattle after driving across country from the east coast about three weeks earlier.  We had worked two back to back week long events in L.A. for a T. Harv Eker seminar called Train the Trainer II and it had been a grueling but life changing two weeks. After that we drove up the coast to San Francisco then on to Washington via Mount Shasta. We had been on the road all night and  I was really excited and looking forward to my first sight of Seattle.  I didn’t know what to expect but I felt like a seven year old in anticipation of Disney World.  Just for the record, I was not disappointed. My first sight of Mt. Rainier was orgasmic.  I am a mountain loving woman. 

Now everyone knows that Seattle is synonomous with coffee.  It’s a fact.  Like many people from the east coast, when I think Seattle and coffee I usually think Starbucks, right?  That’s a tale for another time, but on this occasion I got my comeuppance from a real self made barista. He started driving the back roads of a neat old neighborhood that led us to the smell of coffee roasting that made my body leap for joy in anticipation. 

"Wow!  I smell coffee and I can’t wait to get my hands around a cup!", I all but shouted as we got nearer to the Lighthouse Roasters.  " How do they make it smell so good from blocks away?" I asked. 

"Lighthouse is a microroaster." he said,"you’re in for some really good coffee." Thus began my coffee education in February of 2006.  I think that must have been about two centuries ago. 

Anyway, I was craning my neck looking for an impressive, large, Starbucks type structure when we pulled up to this little coffeehouse that looked like a small neighborhood bar. The scent of the coffee lured me out of my car and into the building where we promptly got into a long line of highly educated caffeine addicts.   I was drinking with my nose as I stood in that line soaking up the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans.  This is heaven, I thought. 

The place wasn’t much to write home about. At that time, it was actually kind of funky to this patron of a hundred Starbucks who was spoiled by big comfy leather chairs and hip coffee art and coffee supplies of all sorts to choose from.  I like Starbucks and I count on Starbucks but this was something different and unique.  I wanted to buy this place and move to Seattle immediately!  I do have love affairs with places and I was in love! 

I felt as though I had discovered – well been led to – a secret treasure hidden in the heart of Seattle for real coffee aficionados and my Honey had just brought lucky me into the loop of the secret inner circle.  I felt really good as I stood there checking out all the people in the packed coffeehouse and waited impatiently for my cup-a-joe. 

Actually it was a rather large latte that they placed in my hands and the first taste was something to write about in my travel diary.  In fact, as I sat there making love to that latte, I wrote in my journal about Lighthouse Roasters and how I would never ever forget this first latte there.  True to my word I have not. 

Sadly, I have yet to get back to Seattle for a rendezvous at Lighthouse on the corner N.43rd and Phinney Ridge in the Fremont District. When you are in Seattle I beg you, dare you, to take the time to check out Lighthouse Roasters and their special brand of espresso, latte, coffee anyway you like it cup of joe.  Oh my. 

I can only say you are in for a treat and you will need to take some home.  In fact, I am due for a shipment of Lighthouse Roasters brand of Really Good Coffee and I am antsy with anticipation.  


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