Dunn Bros Is Really Good Coffee

We are coffee lovers and Dunn Bros really is Really Good Coffee.

Incidentally, while on a first time business trip to Kansas City, Kansas, we set about locating a place worthy of our coffee palates and much to our surprise on Metcalf Street aka Hywy. 635, we stumbled upon a sweet and cozy little shop called Dunn Bros

Here is a video of a store opening in Minnesota.

Mind you, in all our travels neither one of us had ever heard of Dunn Brothers Coffee before.  We thought we’d found a rare gem of a coffee shop and it was everything we’d hoped for.  The moment we walked in we knew we were in for a treat. Our eyes lit up as we gave each other a knowing smile. 

You can’t fool coffee connoisseurs.  

The Crema Was Superb and the Aftertaste Sweet and Exceptionally Tasty

The staff was college age and well trained. They were friendly, helpful in answering our questions about the area, and knew how to make a great cup of joe!  My latte was perfect and creamy, and the espresso perfecto. They took pride in telling us that they roast their own coffee beans which  come from all over the world (divine French Roast) and we knew it because the smell was heavenly.  I was ready to move in and set up an office there.

I loved the ambiance and the KC(Overland Park), KS store truly had an inviting one.  The large multisided brick fireplace in the center of the store was surrounded by really comfy, seductively inviting, oversized arm chairs and lots of little tables with newspapers, magazines, etc… They had WIFI which we really  needed  in order to maximize our time there.   We had a few different cups of coffee just to check them out because we love it.  On one of our visits I even ate a sandwich which I never eat in coffee shops because I go there for the coffee but I just didn’t want to leave to go eat lunch.

All the furniture was arranged around the fireplace and I felt as though I were a guest in someone’s home so I really relaxed (short of putting on my jammies and slippers).  There were also plenty of tables and chairs along the large storefront windows so the natural light was excellent for reading. Honestly I didn’t want to leave and we went back several times during that trip in November. 

The crazy thing is that for months we had no idea it was a coffee chain that started in Minnesota.  Recently I found the above video on YouTube and several others too.  There are Dunn Brothers Coffee shops in half a dozen states in the midwest and it seems that the crowd is all ages.  Apparently there is a growing coffeehouse atmosphere among the Dunn Bros stores and the musicians love to play there adding even more desirabilitiy to the coffeehouse reputation.

Great coffee and inviting ambiance combined with lots of acoustic guitar and folksinger talent.  Unbeatable and winning combination. And if you are traveling the country and want a great cup of coffee in the midwest here is a Dunn Bros store locator.

I have become a real devotee of Dunn Bros Coffee and I am looking for a reason to go to any state that has a Dunn Bros Coffeehouse in it. 

Take it from us-Dunn Brothers is Really Good Coffee.

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