Alexandra Barrett - Coffee Lady - visiting Northern Light Espresso - Scranton, PA

Michael and Alexandra travel America’s roads extensively in our speaking, teaching, writing and life/health coaching careers.

Both of us truly appreciate a fine cup of French Roast or an excellent espresso. We enjoy meeting baristas and staff in the comfort of great coffeehouses across the country.

We love coffee people. Wherever we go, they’re a nice bunch of folks.

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Michael and Alexandra Barrett Visiting - Richmond, VA

Peets Coffee…

The original coffee house that started all this was the flagship store of Peets Coffee and Tea at Walnut Square in Berkeley, California in 1967.

That’s where my love of specialty coffee began – as a14 year old kid – standing in line with all the long haired hippee freaks in Berkeley every day.

Alfred Peet, a native of the Netherlands, was a coffee pioneer. Peet set the standard for exceptional coffee and created the business model that later became the most successful format for the specialty coffee in the industry.

Seattle – the next coffee experience…

For the next 14 years, Peets was the ‘control’ for me against which all other coffee was measured. It wasn’t until 1991 that I had the pleasure of discovering the wonderful flavors and variations available from the many micro-roasters springing up in Seattle and throughout the northwest.

Seattle is where I was partners in an espresso operation for 3.5 years and really learned the business inside and out while developing professional barista skills and a ‘coffee palate’.

Inside Lightouse Roasters in Seattleon the south end of Phinney Ridge

Lighthouse Roasters

One of the favorite roasting operations and espresso cafes we visited in Seattle – during a cross country tour was Lighthouse Roasters. It’s an eclectic, friendly coffee house with consistently one of the best espresso shots.

We Love Really Good Coffee

And as we travel about we are going to chronicle all of our coffee experiences.

We will document our travels with pictures, videos, interviews with specialty coffee experts, vendors, roasters, baristas and coffee store owners across North America.

Stay tuned and give us your feedback…

If you know of an awesome coffee shop we should visit, let us know, we will.

And feel free to share your coffee stories with us.

If they’re interesting and fun, maybe we can interview you too. If you own a neat little coffee shop that people should know about. Send us a bio and some pictures and we’ll give you a call.

Have a cup of really good coffee today…